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Traffic Tickets

Oftentimes, people are surprised when they see a traffic violation show up on a criminal report, especially if it's for speeding or failure to update an address on their driver's license.


When faced with a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, take a moment to think about what happens when you pay the ticket online or by mail. By paying the fee and failing to appear, you are admitting your guilt in the matter and subjecting yourself to receipt of points against your license and against your insurance. (Keep in mind these are two separate and distinct point systems). You may subject yourself to increased insurance payments. Finally, depending on your previous driving record, a guilty plea could result in the suspension of your license.


Many avoid hiring an attorney to represent them in a traffic matter, thinking the hassle or cost isn't worth it. But the potential costs of increased insurance payments or license suspension will usually justify the initial cost of an attorney's services.


Remember, the court isn't going to inform you of your legal rights or how a ticket may affect you. It's not their job to do so. I will inform you of your rights and the consequences of a ticket - it is my job to do so. I will appear in court on your behalf to present your case and assert your rights.


For more information about Buncombe County's Criminal and Traffic Division, click here. For a helpful FAQ concerning traffic violations, check out the North Carolina Court System's FAQ page.


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