Happy New Year - Get those resolutions going!

Happy New Year! Was "create a will package" at the top of your resolution list? Well, probably not. But financial planning, organization, etc. - those were probably on there somewhere. As the New Year begins, here are a few reasons to take care of your will package now:

  • It makes financial sense. Preparing a will and power of attorney now saves you and your family money later. The rates for creating these documents are reasonable and the information gained invaluable.

  • It's easy to do. Call or email our office to set up an appointment. The initial one-hour consultation is free, and our availability will fit into your schedule. If needed, we can travel to your house to execute the documents.

  • It takes something off your "to-do" list. Everyone needs a will, but it's easy to push off creating one. As the new year begins, get started on the right foot and take care of these important documents.

  • Better late than never, but better now than later. Wills, powers of attorneys, etc. reward forward thinking individuals. If you become incapacitated or otherwise incompetent, you will lose the ability execute these documents.

To help you get started with your resolutions, our office will discount any will package (last will, living will, power of attorney, health care power of attorney) by 20% during January 2014.

Happy New Year!

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