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Summary Ejectments


How often do you or your employees go to the courthouse for summary ejectments, and what is this costing your business?


Unlike individual landlords, who may never need to evict a tenant, most property management companies  file summary ejectment papers monthly. This guarantees a minimum of two trips to the courthouse - the first to file the papers, the second to appear. For companies located miles away from the courthouse, sending someone out to file papers may mean an hour or more of time lost. Even if you are close by, chances are you will spend an hour or two in the courthouse for each appearance.


The most frustrating aspect of the process is the knowledge that time spent in court adds to time already lost - that is, time spent finding a tenant, running their application and putting them into their unit, only to discover that you're going to have to do it all over again. Neither you nor the owner want to re-market a unit only a few months off the market.


Some property management companies have an employee who handles all court proceedings for them; however, this is most likely only one of their responsibilties as evictions are not filed every day. Other management companies may not have the overhead to hire a full-time or part-time employee dedicated to filing court papers. They may end up sending their office manager or owner to the courthouse, adding to their already busy schedule.


Getting help


Most people don't think of using an attorney when handling small claims court cases, thinking the costs aren't justifiable. However, because summary ejectments are handled en masse, the cost to you (or the owner, depending on the terms of your property management agreement) is affordable because:


  • You will not need to go to the courthouse to file. After the relevant information is received, Musial Law Firm PLLC will file the summary ejectments in a timely manner.

  • You may not need to appear in court. In situations involving non-payment of rent, you generally will not need to appear. I will be present at the court proceeding. If the issues surrounding the eviction are more complex than non-payment of rent, you will need to attend the court proceedings.

  • You won't need to return to court to file a writ of possession. If the tenant does not vacate within the specified time period, Musial Law Firm PLLC will file the writ of possession for you.

  • You'll have an experienced attorney handling your case. I handled hundreds of summary ejectment cases while working for a property management company and will use that experience to your benefit. Note: The outcome of a case cannot be guaranteed.


The Next Step


If you're interested in using Musial Law Firm PLLC for any aspect of the summary ejectment process, please call me at (828) 645-4215 or email me at