Landlord - Tenant Law

A good landlord and good tenant will work together in addressing issues concerning rent payments, maintenance of the property, privacy, etc. Building these relationships is ideal and can be better achieved through patience and understanding of each parties needs. 


Nevertheless, somethings things go wrong. An accomodating landlord may still find themself with a tenant unwilling or unable to pay the rent. A respectful tenant may still find their maintenance requests or privacy concerns ignored. Or perhaps both parties are at fault but unwilling to work with one another to reach a resolution.


Landlord - Tenant Law in North Carolina is governed by Chapter 42 of the General Statutes. Small claims court is usually the appropriate forum for claims between landlords and tenants. Small claims court does not have the same formalities as District or Superior Court and oftentimes parties elect to represent themselves to avoid the expense of having an attorney appear. Alternatively, some choose to briefly consult with an attorney to prepare for and feel comfortable about the presentation of their case. For simple summary ejectment cases based on non-payment of rent (assuming no other issues), it may be unnecessary to consult an attorney.


For more complex issues involving security deposit disputes, damages to the property, or failure to provide necessary maintenance, consulting an attorney might be helpful before pursuing additional action. Be sure to keep an open mind about reaching a resolution with the other party. It may not be worth your time or money to bring an action and it will almost certainly destroy whatever good relationship existed at the start.


For more information concerning the landlord-tenant relationship, I encourage you to check my blog, which will be updated weekly concerning this or other areas of law.