Estate Planning Form

Estate Planning

Your estate plan should be unique, crafted around specific needs and goals. This plan should cover the "ifs" and "whens" in life. Most importantly, this plan should bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones.


Estate planning means different things to different people. Some are satisfied knowing a simple will is in place to dispose of assets as they see fit. Others rest easy knowing a durable power of attorney is in place should they become incapacitated. Some choose to draft a living will so their family or friends need not guess about end-of-life decisions.


Talking with an attorney about your choices is the best way to find a plan to fit your needs. There are several reasons to speak with an attorney when planning your estate, such as:


  • An attorney can help you determine what tools (wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.) work best to accomplish your goals.

  • An attorney may identify issues you have not thought of or prepared for.

  • Depending on your financial circumstances, there may be several tax conseqences your attorney can make you aware of.


The most important reason to speak with an attorney is to tailor make your plan. Cookie cutter documents don't get the whole picture and you may not have someone to ask questions to. Your attorney should be a partner and guide in the process of creating an estate, someone who can answer your questions and inform you of changes affecting you.


If you're looking for these services, please contact our office today. To prepare for an initial consultation, please download the Estate Planning form and fill out all information to your best ability. If possible, please return the form to prior to the initial meeting.